01. Polished Hand Engravings

Every hand engraving on this timepiece has been lovingly restored and polished by a team of artisans at the Cheateu. A total of 100 hours has been spent cleaning and varnishing the metals and precious jewels.

Hand engravings are therefore present on all movements contained in BOVET timepieces. Heirs to the expertise of their predecessors and loyal to the history of the House, the BOVET artisans are able to decorate every detail of a timepiece.

02. Restored Miniature Painting

An additional coat of lacquer has been applied to the dial with SuperLuminova paint. The Beautiful Aventurine dial has been completely replaced and fitted with a brand new pair of hands.

The extremely large proportion of BOVET watches personalised by a miniature painting demonstrates just how strongly customers and collectors associate BOVET with this art

03. Personally Checked by Our Team

This timepiece has been personally checked and approved by a team of master-craftsman, and personally approved to be re-distributed by Mr Raffy.

There are over 50 stages each timepiece needs to go through, each is personally overseen by team of our finest craftsmen.

04. Renewed Warranty

This timepiece comes with a 5 year warranty, and allows you access to our exclusive collectors lounge where you can network with other BOVET collectors and get exclusive events with Mr Raffy.