After-Sales Service

The soul of artisanal fine watchmaking resides in a constant quest for perfection in even the smallest of details. This state of mind is naturally present at every stage in the craftsmanship of our timepieces. It is this commitment to excellence that has earned us the trust of our collectors since 1822.

We are continually improving the reliability of our timepieces and optimizing their maintenance. A watch caliber nonetheless remains a mechanical micro motor, which has the unique and remarkable feature of being in constant operation.

To ensure longevity, reliability, and accuracy of your timepieces, we have structured our after-sales service to offer you the best services with the best turnaround times at the best cost. Whether the service is performed in our workshops or by one of our approved watchmakers trained by us, each operation is carried out in accordance with a strict protocol.

Over the past few years, the statistics concerning the reliability of our timepieces have reached such high levels that we are now proud to pass these benefits on to our customers by providing a five-year warranty for all timepieces equipped with a movement crafted by the House of BOVET.