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Hand engravings

E very collector has the chance to personalize their timepiece with a specific decoration and create for them unique watches. In terms of engraving, the possibilities of individualizing a watch are virtually endless: simple text (name, initials or date), decorative motifs or figurative engravings are just some of the choices and themes available.

Miniature painting

T he extremely large proportion of BOVET watches personalised by a miniature painting demonstrates just how strongly customers and collectors associate BOVET with this art. The excellence displayed by BOVET in the field of watchmaking decorative arts has not only contributed to safeguarding skills otherwise threatened with extinction, but has also given them fresh impetus while enabling them to draw ever closer to perfection.

Research and development

T he organization established today by Pascal Raffy, approaches the development of each new watch by considering it as an entity and not the assembly of various elements.

The artisans creating the movements, dials and cases work together from the genesis of every project. They define at first the ideal timepiece meeting the specifications. Once the global drawing of the watch is finalized, they undertake various phases of development and prototype.


U nlike our houses, BOVET’s master craftsmen unite under one roof with the entire range of skills required for the various stages of developing and producing Haute Horlogerie movements, including the rarest and most demanding in terms of expertise.

We continue to train new generations of skilled crafts apprentices who continue to incorporate modern technology and precision to traditional craftsmanship.