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Virtuoso VII

With Beautiful New Salmon Lacquer Dial

A Collector's Vision.

Mr. Pascal Raffy, the owner of the House of BOVET 1822, is a collector himself, so he looks at watchmaking from this unique perspective.

As a result, BOVET 1822 was able to pack the 43.30mm Virtuoso VII with all the displays of the complicated perpetual calendar, while also including a retrograde date, power reserve, and reverse hand-fitting.

The Virtuoso VII is a wonderful example of BOVET 1822's ability to combine decorative arts, chronometry, mechanical ingenuity, and innovation.

Four Timepieces in One.

Using the patented Amadeo System, the Virtuoso VII easily reverses, letting you choose which side you want to display on any given day.

The timepiece also converts from the wrist to a pocket watch or a desk clock, all without any tools.

Everlasting Color.

The vibrant salmon color is applied to the dials at the BOVET in-house dial workshop, then baked in a special oven.

After that, six layers of transparent lacquer are applied, with the dials cured between each layer, then the dial is polished.

The final step is to bake the dial in the oven again as the final step.

The result is a lustrous dial that will never change color.Just figuring out exactly what time it is after crossing several time zones is challenging enough, and, if you are wearing a standard world time watch, chances are the world time information on the dial is too small for your weary eyes to actually read.

For the First Time.

The Virtuoso VII is now available in the Amadeo case in grade 5 titanium for the very first time.
The case itself is titanium, while the back of the case, which is part of the Amadeo system, is in high-grade stainless steel, as soldering titanium to titanium is nigh on impossible.

Despite its high complications, the new Virtuoso VII is light and supremely comfortable.