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For the first time ever, this award-winning timepiece is available in 18K red gold

The original Récital 26 Brainstorm® Chapter Two in a full sapphire crystal case was introduced and received the GPHG’s Mechanical Exception Award in 2020, the highest accolade in watchmaking. This year, the House of Bovet 1822 is proud to offer this spectacular timepiece with the iconic “writing slope” case in solid 18K red gold. Featuring Bovet’s patented double-sided flying tourbillon, a second-time zone with a twenty-four city disc, a precision moon phase showing both hemispheres, and offering a full 5 days of power reserve, this timepiece has a completely different character in red gold compared to its original sapphire crystal case. Subtler, perhaps more elegant, the Brainstorm Chapter Two in red gold manages to integrate high-watchmaking expertise, decorative arts, and innovation into this unprecedented gem of artisanal Haute Horlogerie.

Exclusive Haute Horlogerie Artistry

Throughout its history from 1822 until today, the House of Bovet is proud to give decorative arts, chronometry, mechanical ingenuity, and innovation their due. The dedication and passion of Bovet’s craftsmen, their respect for the tradition of Haute Horology, and the care they take in the smallest of details are the reason for Bovet’s exceptional high-end watchmaking.
To further increase this level of exception, Mr. Pascal Raffy, a passionate watch collector and the owner of BOVET, creates all of its own components in the Bovet’s Swiss workshops, using artisanal processes, and adding the concept of exclusivity to the experience offered to each collector.

Unique Innovative Architecture

The Brainstorm Chapter Two uses the emblematic writing slope case with an asymmetrical profile imagined by Mr. Raffy in 2016. The slope of its case and sapphire crystal allows the collector to view clearly and appreciate the display mechanisms that guarantee intuitive and increased readability. Concentric rollers, rotating domes, and three-dimensional hands are being used to express time in new ways. The patent-protected design of this unique case opens up new horizons in terms of the architecture of the movements, by optimizing the volume which simultaneously increases the functionalities offered, the chronometry, the reliability, and the readability.

You will discover the complexity of BOVET’s watchmaking mechanics from a new angle where the decorative arts illuminate the third dimension in a vision previously unexplored.
This new movement truly justifies the use of the “writing slope” case, now in 18K red gold.

BOVET’s Engineering Brilliance

The new caliber developed for the Brainstorm Chapter Two is entirely manufactured in the Bovet 1822 workshops. Perfect for a multi-time zone timepiece, BOVET control of the energy guarantees five days of power reserve with only a single barrel, with a frequency of 21,600 v/h for spectacular chronometry enhanced by the patented double-sided flying tourbillon.

A domed dial, available in a choice of colors (blue quartz, green quartz, blue aventurine, and bespoke options), displays the hours and minutes of local time in the upper part of the case. The seconds are read by an index fixed on the tourbillon itself, placed at 6 o’clock which makes a complete revolution, in 60 seconds. Finally, two rotating domes placed, respectively, at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock harmoniously complete the design.

The dome located at 3 o’clock displays a second time zone specifically developed for this timepiece and patented by the House. The names of the cities representing the 24 time zones are printed on the dome which makes a complete revolution in 24 hours. A three-dimensional V-shaped hand allows the collector to select the displayed time zone. This clever and innovative combination, united with the dome, allows optimal readability, despite the reduced diameter of the entire display. In addition to a second time zone display, this new display also offers the world time function, which allows the time in each of the 24 time zones to be read simultaneously, an intuitive indication that has never found a better justification than at this time of constant connectivity.

In perfect symmetry, the moon phase indicator is positioned at 9 o’clock and is also accomplished with a rotating dome. The lunar surface is engraved by hand before luminescent material is applied, also, by hand. The two circular windows on top of the dome make it possible to read the age of the moon in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere of the earth. The precision mechanism that drives this dome gives it an accuracy that requires a correction of one day every 127 years!

The domes of the second time zone and the moon phase rotate by the patented mechanism called the Radial Guidance System. Three rollers, in rubies adjustable by a micrometric screw, are arranged on the circumference of each dome. They ensure centering and the rotation minimizes friction and increases the chronometry and the power reserve of the timepiece.

The five days of the phenomenal autonomy of this combination of high complications are displayed by a linear indicator, visible through a window positioned subtly in the middle of the case between the two strap lugs at 12 o’clock.

The Art of the House of BOVET 1822

Whether it is design or technical achievement, the resolutely innovative and modern character of the Brainstorm Chapter Two aligns itself perfectly with the two sides of BOVET: innovation and artisanal watchmaking, respecting the traditions which have made the House of Bovet a success since 1822. The decorative arts, the hand finishing, and the hand-engraving are a standard of expression directed by the three-dimensional aspect of the movement and its case. Whether flat, inclined, convex, or vertical, all the surfaces that allow this are engraved by hand with the emblematic “broken glass” motif. Polished pillars, translucent gems, and delicately satin steels contrast with dazzling elegance. At the back of the timepiece, the bridges are open-worked and engraved with a delicacy that respects the centuries-old tradition of the noblest expression of fine art watchmaking by Mr. Pascal Raffy and the craftsmen of BOVET 1822.

Guarantee of excellence

Such a level of excellence can only be achieved at a certain scale. Therefore, a total of only 60 movements will be produced for the Brainstorm Chapter Two, an exclusivity that responds to the definition of real luxury as conceived by Mr. Pascal Raffy and the artisans of the House of Bovet 1822. The Récital 26 Brainstorm® Chapter Two is limited to five pieces in each declination, and the use of it for unique pieces is also possible.

The Récital 26 Brainstorm® Chapter Two in Red Gold expands this unique collection that has been recognized for its design, its excellence in execution, and its mechanical exception.