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On Display

200 Years of Incredible Watchmaking

For the first time ever, The House of BOVET 1822 and Watches of Switzerland Las Vegas at the Wynn Hotel welcome collectors to visit a private museum collection of key timepieces from BOVET’s 200 years of history.

BOVET 1822 timepieces are on display in museums all around the world — in the British Museum (London), the Forbidden City Museum (Beijing), the National Palace Museum (Taipei), the MoMA (NYC), the International Watchmaking Museum (Switzerland), and many more — but this is the first time that part of owner Mr. Pascal Raffy’s personal collection is on display anywhere in the world.

There are five beautifully restored historical timepieces on display, along with the 2022 novelties and the modern collection of BOVET 1822, including:

The Butterfly

From 1830, with enamel miniature painting on the case, as well as Champlevé enamel on the bezel and on the case-back. It also features a second, finely engraved case back.

The Mille Fleurs

"Thousand Flowers" 1830, which combines enamel miniature painting with pearl setting, and its movement is beautifully engraved with floral designs and adorned with copper, silver, and gold appliques

The Easel Chronometer

1930, which was the inspiration for BOVET's iconic 19Thirty collection and its patented Amadeo convertible system (introduced in 2010).

Watches of Switzerland at the Wynn has a complete BOVET 1822 collection, allowing you to compare and contrast the vintage and the modern, side by side.

200 years young, the House of BOVET continues to perpetuate Swiss handcraftsmanship, métiers d’art, high watchmaking, and true innovation. The House of BOVET Family welcomes you to view these remarkable timepieces and celebrate 200 years of Timeless Art and Engineering Brilliance.

For private appointments, kindly contact us.