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BOVET Singapore

The BOVET Boutique in Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands (MBS) opened in 2021 and is currently the best place in Southeast Asia to experience the world of BOVET 1822. A complete collection of the House of BOVET’s timepieces is available, and the staff is highly trained in the brand’s history, timepieces, capabilities, and benefits.

Located along the waterfront, the iconic Marina Bay Sands resembles a suspended boat, featuring three cascading hotel towers topped by an extraordinary aerial park, a museum, international luxury brand stores, numerous restaurants, and a casino. The Marina Bay Sands is Asia’s premier destination for business, leisure, and entertainment, and now it is where you will discover Bovet’s newest boutique.

Romain Millet

Brand Manager Asia-Pacific Romain Milet runs the boutique and makes sure his sales staff puts the client first in every situation. We caught up with him from his office in the MBS boutique.

What makes BOVET stand out in the timepiece market?

BOVET is one of the very few manufactures to produce every single component in-house. This is very important in terms of quality but also in terms of flexibility of production.

Tell me about the collection of BOVET timepieces you have. How complete is it?

We have the most extensive range here in Singapore, like the iconic Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter Two, the Virtuoso VIII and the Miss Audrey, just to name a few. We also have unique pieces that are only available for private viewing in-store for our VIPs.

Do you have pieces that aren’t available anywhere else in the world?

Yes, we do have a few pieces like our series of Dragon Miniature Paintings, the first Amadéo Amadéo timepiece ever produced, and the last Récital 18 available in the world.

What services do you offer at the BOVET boutique?

Besides having the most extensive BOVET collection in the world for customers to fully immerse in the world of BOVET, we also have special TWG high tea services for our exclusive clients.

What sort of environment do you create in the BOVET boutique?

Luxurious and filled with BOVET legacy touches in our interior design. We have a fireplace, a grand piano, and a VIP lounge for our collectors to feel “at home” – so we can take all the time we need to talk about the timepieces and have a drink together.


Why should customers shop at the BOVET boutique in Singapore?

Our Singapore boutique is the biggest boutique in the world. Therefore, this is the place for our collectors to experience the full collection of BOVET and find unique timepieces that are only available here.


What does your staff do well?

My sales people in Singapore are truly the most important ambassadors of the brand. They spend many hours engaging with our collectors – understanding their desires and nuances – and will not stop until they find the perfect timepieces for them.


What makes Marina Bay Sands stand out?

Marina Bay Sands is an icon in Asia! Marina Bay Sands is the center of Singapore – it is a shopping paradise, casino, hotel, and convention center all-in-one!

Why is BOVET well suited for the Singapore market?

BOVET has been in Singapore for the last 2 decades. The brand has a strong community of watch collectors in Singapore who are very supportive of independent brands like BOVET.


Tell me about the collectors of the BOVET boutique?

A lot of our collectors are coming to us because they know what they want and they appreciate our high watchmaking.


What are some of the things you will be doing at the BOVET boutique?

I prefer to call it the House of BOVET– since we opened during the COVID-19 period, we haven’t got the chance to properly celebrate. So, stay tuned for a grand “house” warming party!

What is your favorite BOVET timepiece?

Our 10-day power reserve tourbillon big date VIRTUOSO VIII is easily one of my favourites. I am attracted to its perfect combination of modern watchmaking movement and traditional design.