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Chef Oliver Limousin

Born and raised in Vendée, France, award-winning chef Olivier Limousin discovered his passion for cooking while spending many hours in his grandmother kitchen. She was very dedicated to giving pleasure to the all the family with her food.

After the closing of L’Atelier Bangkok in April 2019, Limousin established his own company, “L’Executif Chef,” a new and exclusive private dining concept for clients both in Thailand and abroad.

In addition, Limousin has been involved in several TV cooking programs, such as Bon Appetit Bien Sur, Cartes Postales Gourmandes, as well as Master Chef UK and Master Chef Thailand.

We caught up with Limousin in his offices in Bangkok, Thailand.

Career & Beginnings

Before joining L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Bangkok in 2015, Limousin, started his cooking career at Le Bellecour (Paris), a 1 MICHELIN Star restaurant at the age of 18 at the. Three years later, he moved to Amphyclès (Paris), a 2 MICHELIN Star restaurant, where he started as a kitchen clerk and was promoted to sous chef de cuisine after five years.

Later, he moved to Le Taillevent (Paris), a three MICHELIN Star restaurant, for two years, before moving back to Le Bellecour as Head Chef. After working there for another three years, he was invited to rejoin Mr. Robuchon and opened La Table de Joël Robuchon in Paris in 2004, where he obtained 2 MICHELIN Stars for the restaurant.

After two years of success, he moved to London, to open L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon – London, and was awarded two MICHELIN Stars. After eight years of successful management in London, he moved to Bangkok, to open L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon – Bangkok, and gained one MICHELIN Star for the restaurant.

How did you get involved in cooking?

When I was a boy, I was always with my grandmother in the kitchen, smelling, tasting, and helping her prepare the meals. Her goal was to make her family happy with a nice meal every day. I was so impressed by the way she was so dedicated every time she cooked. When I was 16 years old, I decide to become a student at cooking school. Then at 18 I moved to Paris and started working in Michelin star restaurants.

What is your vision for your company L’Executif Chef?

With L’Executif Chef, I want to create a wonderful experience in a client’s home. A lunch or a dinner isn’t only about the food — it has to be about the entire experience. That’s why L’Executif Chef will create a beautiful dining table with flowers, amazing tableware, and a customized menu, but I will also bring you my personal touch of hospitality, sense of humor, and happiness to make your meal special.


I had the chance to meet one of BOVET’s team members and I realized how connected we are together, and how we share many values.


Why does working with BOVET make sense?

I think it makes sense because we are passionate, dedicated and unique. BOVET is a family brand and the values Mr Raffy has are very important. The story of BOVET is based on values, tradition, heritage, professionalism, and creativity. BOVET’s timepieces are something different and exclusive.


What do you love about BOVET?

All of BOVET’s timepieces are pieces of art, I can see and imagine all the work has been done to create every single piece. They are unique and when people see the BOVET I wear, they are all curious and impressed with how beautiful it is.


What watch do you wear?

"I have the privilege to wear a Monsieur Bovet. It’s a unique watch with many different ways to wear it, using the Amadeo system. The attention to detail is amazing, to think that so many pieces and parts come together to show the time. In many ways, it is like a great recipe that combines so many flavors."

Why do you love watches?

As a chef and a French person, I love elegance, fashion, and watches and jewelry in general. As a man, I think it’s a special touch if you wear a beautiful watch.


What do fine cuisine and watches bring to people’s lives?

I would say happiness, pleasure, and a nice energy


What is one thing people need to know about being a chef?

Being a chef isn’t a job, it’s a passion — a chef will always do his best to make people happy.


How do you create new recipes?

First, I choose the main ingredients and then I try to imagine what will be the best way to combine them in terms of flavors. I always think about the healthy side, as well.

Second, we try to reach the perfection of this dish with my team — we do brainstorming, testing and tasting, trying different cooking styles. This can take a very long time as we are perfectionists.

Then we need to think about the plating of the dish. The most important is the taste of the dish but the presentation is also really important.


What sort of dish would you create for BOVET?

I think I will create a very elaborate dish with lots of ingredients and details. A beautiful and unique dish, something exclusive.