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BOVET Opens its First Boutique in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

BOVET 1822 is proud to announce the opening of its first boutique in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in partnership with Jawahir, a very well-established luxury house. 

The new boutique, located on the ground floor of Olaya Towers across from the Centria Mall in Riyadh, is more than 240 square meters in size and features a complete collection of BOVET timepieces.

“The collectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are very dear to us and we are pleased to be working with Jawaihir here,” says Mr. Pascal Raffy, owner, BOVET 1822.

“We have a great partnership and the boutique is located in the prime location in Riyadh. We are looking forward to continuing our great relationship with collectors in the Kingdom and having a flagship boutique here is so important. We plan to expand our presence in the Kingdom in addition to this boutique. We will be holding many events in Riyadh and the collection the boutique has is second to none.”

Mr. Pascal Raffy
Owner, The House of BOVET 1822

“BOVET is a House that has an amazing history in the watchmaking world and it has a very unique identity, which suits the Saudi collector,” says Mohamed Rahal, Division Director, Jawahir, BOVET’s strategic partner in the Kingdom.

“It is traditional, unique, and, at the same time, very modern — it has all three aspects. Collectors know BOVET very well and they respect the House, and especially the younger generation here is very knowledgeable about timepieces. They deserve to have a brand like BOVET in the Kingdom.”

Mohamed Rahal
Division Director, Jawahir

The boutique is situated on the prestigious Olaya Street, the main luxury shopping destination in Riyadh. BOVET is on the ground floor, with access directly from the street.

“The BOVET boutique in Riyadh has timepieces from the 19Thirty and Miss Audrey all the way up to high complications, and everything in between,” Rahal details. “We have very experienced sales advisors and they are waiting to welcome and serve collectors in the boutique.”

Both BOVET & Jawahir are honored to premier BOVET timepieces in the Kingdom and are committed to continuing to offer the renowned collectors of Saudi Arabia BOVET’s exceptional Swiss handcrafted Timepieces.

Discover the Boutique

The boutique is open Saturday to Thursday: 10 am to 10:30 pm, and Fridays from 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

Boutique Contact :

TEL: +966 11 226 6330 or +966 55 701 7460
Address: Olaya Towers, Olaya Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia