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BOVET 1822

Premieres in

Mayors of Merrick Park

The Mayors store in Merrick Park, Coral Gables, Florida, is the brand’s flagship store, a blueprint for the redesign and relaunch of the entire Mayors retail network.

Acquired by Watches of Switzerland in 2017, the Mayors in Merrick Park secures its position as the number one destination for jewellery and timepieces in the southeastern United States.

“For the House of BOVET, 2022 is a landmark year, a true reason to celebrate from where we came, where we are, and where we are going,” says owner Mr. Pascal Raffy.

“We have a 200-year commitment to making the dreams of collectors come true, and we do this with a mixture of traditional, artisanal decoration and watchmaking, and the use of modern technology in our true facilities. I am proud of this combination, being forward-thinking yet at the same time honoring the heritage of BOVET 1822.

I invite you to explore the entire story of BOVET, past, present, and future, at the Mayors flagship store in Merrick Park. Together, we will make 2022 an unforgettable year.”

Mr. Pascal Raffy
Owner, The House of BOVET 1822

“Bovet has an incredible history, with lots of success,” says David Hurley, Deputy CEO and President, Watches of Switzerland North America. “The brand continues to go from strength to strength. There is nothing like it out there, with incredible timepieces. Because of how amazing these timepieces are, it has been very successful for us. We are very lucky to be opening up Bovet in Mayors and showing it to the collectors in Florida

We think BOVET 1822 is something really special.”

David Hurley,
Deputy CEO and President, Watches of Switzerland North America.

Merrick Park is the first Mayors store designed by Michael Neumann Architecture (MNA) and will set the principles and aesthetics for the renovation of all the stores in MAYORS’ portfolio. MNA previously designed the much-heralded Watches of Switzerland stores in Soho and Hudson Yards, New York. The 4,700 sq. ft. open plan layout is divided into three main spaces by screens of ebonized wood and shimmering brass, a leitmotif of the dark façade.

From the moment you walk through its doors, you will find a spacious open plan area, easily navigable and one that provides a glamorous setting for all shoppers. Stylish Calacatta marble flooring, pale gray carpeting, and crisp white plaster walls and ceilings define the airy, modern environment providing a glamorous setting for the customers.

Featuring a Complete Collection

Mayors will have a complete collection of BOVET timepieces, ranging from the iconic 19Thirty collection with the crown at 12 o’clock all the way up to the GPHG-winning high complications, and everything in between

Discover the Boutique

Join BOVET 1822 and Mayors on this special journey, as the House celebrates everything BOVET. BOVET’s history is full of milestones, awards, innovations, and incredible accomplishments. Stay tuned for a full schedule of timepiece introductions, exhibitions, collector dinners, and anniversary events for this very special year.

2022 is the year to celebrate BOVET’s history of Timeless Art and Engineering Brilliance.