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Boat Tail timepieces are revealed for the first time in Asia

Two of the most exclusive brands and engineering powerhouses in the world collaborated to develop two bespoke timepieces that can transform from a wristwatch to a pocket/pendant timepiece to a desk clock and a dashboard clock.

Using the revolutionary and patented Amadeo system, BOVET 1822 and Rolls-Royce took 3 years to accomplish something never realized before in either industry.

These timeless masterpieces are truly works of art and demonstrate engineering brilliance.

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A True Collaboration

Born in the mind and heart of a Rolls-Royce and BOVET 1822 collector, the concept was to design and produce a bespoke Rolls-Royce and two unique BOVET 1822 timepieces, one for himself and one for his wife, that go hand in glove. Three years in development, BOVET 1822 and Rolls-Royce accomplished something never realized before in either industry.

Section No. 2

Adapting the patented Amadéo convertible system

The fact that these timepieces will be mounted into the dashboard in the vertical position means that the tourbillon was absolutely necessary to maintain the precision that BOVET 1822 demands.

Discover the Timepieces

Rolls-Royce and BOVET 1822, the perfect pairing.