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Congratulations to our partner Automobili Pininfarina for the record-breaking performance of the Battista HyperGT in Dubai, U.A.E. This all-electric hypercar is now officially the world’s fastest accelerating car — it’s not just the fastest accelerating electric vehicle, but the fastest accelerating road-legal vehicle, period! It can even out-accelerate a Formula 1 car.

Just how fast is it?

New World Records





Just how fast is it?

Inspiration & Collaboration

Designed in tandem, both the Battista Tourbillon and the Battista Hyper GT share the same overall design vision.

The award-winning Battista Tourbillon is inspired by the amazing Automobili Pininfarina hypercar, using BOVET’s patented double-faced flying tourbillon, grand date, patented spherical rewinding system, and a full 10 days of power reserve. This timepiece is an in-house masterpiece, manufactured in BOVET’s own timepiece facility, and integrating design details from this world record car.

Just like the Battista Tourbillon, the Battista Hyper GT from Automobili Pininfarina, is not just a pretty face.

Battista Hyper GT share the same overall design vision. Triumphs of cutting-edge styling and innovation, these new products are poised to reinvent modern luxury.

The Battista timepiece is an expression of the shared design values between BOVET and Automobili Pininfarina. With a focus on lightness and purity, the timepiece extends Battista’s design philosophy and brings it to another dimension. Detailing inspired by Battista’s most characteristic design features can be found in every part of the timepiece, including the movement’s mechanical components.

The timepiece features the Automobili Pininfarina collaborative flags on the power-reserve dial, a signature Pininfarina detail that celebrates both companies’ heritage and future. One flag with the Pininfarina “F” and one flag with BOVET’s Lotus Flower.

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Hand Crafted

Both BOVET 1822 and Automobili Pininfarina emphasize the importance of hand craftsmanship in their products. At BOVET, in combination with the most modern manufacturing methods, artisans hand-finish every component throughout the production process, whether it is polishing, angling, teeth-cutting, hardening, engraving, or decorating. And, at the end of the process, each and every timepiece is assembled, by hand, by master watchmakers.

When Mr. Raffy took over the brand in 2001, it was his desire to verticalize the manufacture and to bring all the skills of high watchmaking under one roof. More than two decades later, this dream has become a reality, and Mr. Raffy takes pleasure in keeping the traditional skills alive, while at the same time pushing the limits of high watchmaking.

This alchemy of the traditional and the modern distinguishes BOVET in the watchmaking industry. Limited to less than 1,000 timepieces a year, with 30% of its production bespoke, BOVET can lavish this kind of attention to detail on each and every timepiece.

In much the same way, the Battista Hyper GT is hand-finished, with every point of contact with the driver and the passenger impeccably detailed by hand. This element of the human touch underscores every aspect of this collaboration.

A stunning tribute to the revolutionary Battista Hyper GT, the Battista Tourbillon combines the traditional and the modern in a unique and head-turning way.

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