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Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons is the UAE’s leading retailer of luxury watches & jewellery. Established in 1950, the company has continuously developed and nurtured the needs of its clients through the combination of expert curation of its portfolio and commitment to service excellence.

Today, the company is recognized as a pioneer among retailers in the region, with an extensive collection of over 60 luxury timepiece & jewellery brands across 40 locations in the UAE.

The Journey

The company has had a long relationship with BOVET, having partnered with the brand for more than 10 years. “The partnership between BOVET and Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons has been growing consistently every year,” says Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi, Chief Commercial Officer, Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons. “Both entities are family oriented, and the personal bond we have developed with Mr. Raffy over the years has been instrumental in creating a harmonious and collaborative relationship.”

The first Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons shop was located in Bur Dubai. As the business grew, their retail presence expanded from a single shop in Dubai’s souk to a formidable network of elegant boutiques. Ahmed Qasim Seddiqi furthered the business through exclusive franchise agreements with the world’s leading Swiss watch brands. He laid down the foundations for his family’s legacy by instilling and emphasizing the values and integrity of his vision.

Introducing Mr. Seddiqi

Today, the founder’s passion for luxury Swiss watches is deeply embedded into the ethos of Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons. Led by the dynamic members of the second, third and fourth generations of the Seddiqi family, the organization is committed to informing, educating, and championing the skills, craftsmanship, and innovation associated with fine watchmaking for decades to come.

“It is our pride and honor to be the partners of Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons,” says Mr. Pascal Raffy, owner of BOVET 1822. “The four generations of the extraordinary Seddiqi family represents for me the quintessence of what is a family-owned entity. The United Arab Emirates is a very important and dear part of the world for the House of BOVET. Moreover, we do very much respect the values and deep understanding for true luxury that Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons defends. We are looking forward to many more years of continued great Partnership.”

We caught up with Mr. Seddiqi in his offices in Dubai, UAE.

How do the values of BOVET match with the values of Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons?

There is a shared sense of vision and innovation that spans across both entities. This in turn has cultivated a strong relationship with Mr. Raffy and the team over the years, which has ensured we work hand in hand as one entity.


What do you love about BOVET?

The creativity and technical knowledge involved with creating unique movements and dials such as the Miss Audrey Sweet Art sugar dial has always inspired us at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons. We are in awe of the pieces created that have multi-functional purposes which are bold and unique in our industry.


How well suited is the BOVET brand for the UAE?

There has been an increase in awareness for BOVET over the years with those who appreciate the craftsmanship behind the brand. We are also seeing an increased interest amongst our local audience who are keen to purchase BOVET.

What is your favourite thing about working with BOVET?

The strong partnership we have built has fostered many collaborations that we are very fond of at Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons. We look forward to working with Mr. Raffy and his team on such endeavours in the future. The finishing and quality of each piece manufactured is also very special.

Why would you recommend to your clients to consider BOVET?

BOVET has a built reputation for being a manufacturer and a supplier of watch parts to other brands. They have a strong brand heritage and identity which has been growing over the years. With Mr. Raffy at the helm, his passion is evidenced clearly across each piece manufactured by the brand.

How does the future look for BOVET and Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons?

In a word, bright.