The Art of the AMADEO® convertible case

Reversible wristwatch that can be transformed into a table clock, pocket watch or pendant watch

The Art of the AMADEO® convertible case

Seven years were required by the BOVET 1822 and DIMIER 1738 technicians to develop the AMADEO® case, which was unveiled in 2010.


In just a few simple movements, this ingenious system enables the user to successively convert his or her timepiece into a reversible wristwatch, a table clock, or a pocket watch for men’s models and a pendant watch for women’s models.

While the entire Fleurier collection now benefits from this new feature, not even the slightest change has been made to either the dimensions or aesthetics or the models.

System Amadeo_3_WEB


The AMADEO® case enables you to wear your watch traditionally on your wrist, as was already the case for the entire Fleurier collection. The movements manufactured by BOVET meet the specific requirements of the AMADEO® system and usually display the hours and minutes on both sides as well as a host of other indications, ensuring the timepiece is reversible and has two distinct faces.

Table clock

 Timepieces that feature an AMADEO® case will find pride of place on a desk or bedside table. A quick and easy operation is all that is needed to convert them into practical and elegant table clocks.

Invisible push-pieces have been incorporated into the AMADEO® case’s two characteristic cabochons positioned on either side of the bow. Pushing the two cabochons at the same time releases the upper strand of the strap.

A further push-piece is located on the rear bezel. When this push-piece is activated, the rear bezel pivots on an invisible hinge at 6 o’clock, which then separates the lower strand of the strap from the case. Once this operation has been completed, the rear bezel becomes a stand and the watch is transformed into an elegant table clock. On some timepieces, the rear bezel opening system is activated by pressing the crown at the pendant, as was the case for the pocket watches that were manufactured by the Bovet brothers in the 19th century.

Pocket watch (men’s models) or pendant watch (women’s models)

Another option is also available using the chain that is provided with every watch equipped with the AMADEO® system. By inserting this chain into the bow of the timepiece, the watch can be instantly transformed into a pocket watch for men or a pendant watch for women (thanks to the optional longer chain).

After closing the rear bezel, a chain supplied with the watch can be inserted into the bow, which takes the place of the upper strand of the strap. This then transforms the timepiece into a pocket watch or pendant watch. This particular feature further justifies the use of movements regulated by a tourbillon, of which BOVET is one of the most prestigious specialists, because the tourbillon was invented to counteract the detrimental effects of gravity on the regulating organ of a watch and improve its accuracy in a vertical position. When worn as a pocket watch or used as a table clock, the timepiece is thus kept permanently in this vertical position.

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All of the timepieces in the Fleurier collection are fitted with a crystal case back that reveals the movement. Most of them feature an inverted hand display on the back, which enables their owners to read the time and the other indications, or to admire the engravings adorning the movement or a miniature painting. Changing the way in which the two strands of the strap are attached enables the user to easily display the front or back of their watch on their wrist, as desired.

Reliability and safety

The AMADEO® case has been designed and tested to ensure exemplary long-term reliability. All of the operations have been simplified and do not require any tools or particular skills. The positioning of the three push-pieces and the pressure required to activate them have been calculated and measured so that they cannot be accidentally activated during normal use under any circumstances.