Vision and destiny

In July 2014, BOVET 1822 proudly announced the signing of an exclusive distribution partnership for the United Kingdom with Asprey, the emblematic New Bond Street House.

Today, we are proud to announce that Mr Raffy, owner of BOVET, has strengthened this partnership for the long term by becoming an Asprey shareholder and board member.

Moreover, Asprey will represent BOVET Timepieces in the United States of America in its two Boutiques in Beverly Hills and Miami.

Once again, this collaboration was born of a meeting between two men who are fundamentally devoted to nurturing the Art of the Exceptional. Mr Pascal Raffy and Mr John Rigas, majority owner of Asprey, undeniably share the same values and taste for True Luxury. In addition, from 2016, Asprey will have its own collection of timepieces entirely designed and manufactured by the House of BOVET. These two family-run Maisons represent 425 years of accumulated expertise. The links between them are not solely limited to shared values, as the various chapters of their respective histories also present many similarities.

Asprey, founded in 1781, has a long and established relationship with British royalty dating back to the 1800’s when Queen Victoria awarded the first Royal Warrant in 1862 for Dressing Cases, Travelling Bags, and Writing Cases. Since then, Asprey has held a Royal Warrant for every British monarch and several other foreign heads of state including The Prince of Wales, HRH Prince Charles who awarded Asprey a Royal Warrant as Jewellers, Goldsmiths and Silversmiths. Asprey continues to hold this royal warrant today, creating heirlooms of the future.

As for BOVET, at the dawn of the 19th century, Edouard Bovet left London to conquer China, where he quickly became a supplier to the Chinese Emperor and his court. Today, many BOVET pocket watches are still present in the rooms of the Forbidden City. One is even visible in the palace’s central hall. Finally, it was in London on 1 May 1822 that the BOVET name was registered as a trademark. During the first universal exposition held in Paris in the 19th century, BOVET was awarded a gold medal in the “luxury” category for a pair of pocket watches ordered by the Chinese Emperor. Since the last decade, BOVET has won more than 10 prizes around the world celebrating its Uniqueness and incomparable mechanical Prowess and Artistic Density.

A promising future awaits these two Maisons owned by men who honour the nobility of British elegance and the excellence of Swiss watchmaking, offering a beautiful expression of true luxury and the measurement of time.