BOVET 1822 supports the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra (HK Phil)

The House of BOVET 1822 proudly contributes to the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra by supporting the prestigious orchestra. The HK Philharmonic Orchestra perpetuates the excellence of its art through its universal message and embodies values that are dear to the House of BOVET and Pascal Raffy, its owner.

On Thursday, September 8th, 2016, the HK Philharmonic Orchestra launched its 2016-2017 Season with its annual dinner. BOVET 1822 and Peonia Diamonds have joined together to support the new season of this prestigious ensemble, a testament that the Swiss House’s affinity for great music is not limited to collection names such as Recital or Virtuoso.

The most eminent representatives of the HK Philharmonic Orchestra attended the event. The guests were honored by the presence of Wu Tong, HK Phil’s Principal Guest Conductor Yu Long and legendary cellist Yo-Yo Ma.


Mr Pascal Raffy, Mr Michael MacLeod, Mr Yo-Yo Ma and Mr Jimmy Tang

Besides its direct support to the orchestra, BOVET 1822 also contributed to gather the greatest benefactors in Hong-Kong.


During the dinner, the guests were able to appreciate a watchmaking and jewelry show presenting the collections proposed by BOVET 1822 and Peonia Diamonds. The musical arrangement was naturally offered by the members of the orchestra who demonstrated the absolute mastery of their art by improvising a performance by Wu Tong one of the rare masters to practice Sheng, a Chinese traditional instrument known for more than 2000 years.


The culmination of the evening was the auction of a unique timepiece held by Christie’s HK, manufactured in BOVET’s workshops; its dial is embellished with a miniature painting of a peony flower. This same peony gave its name to the size of the diamond set on the dial and evidently to Peonia Diamonds who imagined, cut and offered it. This unique timepiece went to the high bidder, Mrs. Pansy Ho a famous businesswoman and committed benefactor.

At the end of the dinner, Pascal Raffy and the virtuosos of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra came to the same conclusion: music and high watchmaking share a taste for the quest for perfection and both universes harmonize outstandingly through the emotions and passion they transmit.

Mr Pascal Raffy with Mr & Mrs.
Jimmy Tang, owner of Prince Group

Mr Pascal Raffy and Mr
Michael MacLeod

The musical season starts, like the future timepieces from the collections of BOVET 1822 appear, under the best auspices and Pascal Raffy and BOVET 1822 wish the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra a success full of the joy they offer to the music lovers around the world.