BOVET and DKSH unveil the House of BOVET in Bangkok

The Swiss timepiece manufacturer Bovet 1822 celebrated the opening of its first Asian boutique in Bangkok, Thailand.

This new flagship store is the 5th Bovet boutique in the world after Moscow, New York, Baku and Berlin.

Luxury timepiece collectors and honorary guests gathered at an exclusive grand-opening of BOVET’s boutique at Gaysorn Shopping Center in the heart of Bangkok. The event was presented by Mr. Pascal Raffy, owner of BOVET – and Mr. Stephen Ferraby, President of DKSH (Thailand) Limited. The auspicious ceremony was presided over by Khun Korsak Chairasmisak, CEO of CP ALL Public Company Limited and Khun Korakot Srivikorn, Executive Director of Gaysorn Shopping Center. The elegant evening saw a crowd of luxury timepiece connoisseurs and notable figures from Bangkok’s hi-society who came to celebrate BOVET’s extraordinary heritage in horological engineering, chronometry and artistic excellence. The guests also had an opportunity to discover the House’s latest 2015 collection in presence of one of Bovet’s miniature painters.

Also unveiled at the event to the Thai collectors was the new 2015 masterpiece novelty patented six times; the Amadeo Fleurier Braveheart® Tourbillon. The Braveheart® embodies the quintessence of Bovet’s expertise, and demonstrates that it is still possible to significantly stretch the known limits in traditional fine watchmaking in terms of chronometry and the watch-making arts.

The unprecedented tourbillon regulating the Braveheart® immediately captivates the onlooker’s attention and encapsulates the timepiece’s most striking innovations. Its design, architecture and the quality of its finishes prompt as many questions as they do expressions of awe. To achieve this outcome, all the established rules and conventions that normally surround the development of a new caliber were thrown into question.


Limited to 80 timepieces, the new Braveheart truly testifies to BOVET’s long-standing aesthetic and technical achievement and constitutes a new milestone in the search for absolute perfection in chronometry.

Once inside the 64 square meter BOVET boutique on the 1st Floor of Gaysorn Shopping Center, one feels like being transported to the Chateau de Môtiers – the House of BOVET on the Swiss mountain peaks. The European-style boutique, keeping in essence with the Swiss manufacturer’s timepieces, warmly invites customers to come admire the precious artistic timepieces on display in elaborate walnut furniture, lined with suede combining timeless classism with modernism in a unique style whose refinement offers an ideal setting to Thai collectors.