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Nick Bollettieri

My name is Nick Bollettieri. I have been coaching for 60 years. During that time, I created the tennis academy model and built the world’s first live-in tennis academy in the world (originally the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy, now IMG Academy), coached ten players who reached the number one world ranking, was elected to the International Tennis Hall of Fame, became the first Caucasian to be inducted into the Black Tennis Hall of Fame, and received many other honors. Throughout my coaching career I have met thousands of wonderful families. Some have become very special to me. THE RAFFY FAMILY ARE AMONG THIS SPECIAL LIST.

Anyone who knows me knows that there are a few things that I avoid. One is reading books. Another is slowing down. A third is wearing a time piece. BUT whenever I go out in the evening or to a special function, you will always see me wearing two accessories. One is my International Tennis Hall of Fame ring. The other is my Bovet timepiece. They make me feel like I CAN DO IT! The Bovet timepiece represents imagination, creativity, elegance, and uniqueness. It reminds you with every movement to do something special. 
By being part of the IMG Academy Bollettieri Tennis program, Alexandra Raffy will be provided the opportunity to learn how to play the game of tennis at a high level and also how to prepare to be successful in life and in everything she does.
PS. With every movement, the Bovet timepiece will also remind Alexandra of the qualities needed to be special.

James Bollettieri

Some personal thoughts on one of my students I’m training to learn and understand the game of tennis. I’ve been training Amadeo for over 2 1/2 years. He comes from a family of tennis players (mother, father and sisters).

This family also loves the sport and understands the lifelong values of the game has to offer to their family and life itself . Amedeo, the boy of family and the youngest member has the most talent to play the sport and the strongest personality of all the family members. He is young to the game in understanding how to win, but has the tools to do it with foot speed and big shot making strokes during points. He also shows no fear or nerves during play which can be a weapon as he gets older.

Our main goal at the moment is it have a good work ethic and mature in the mental area of the game . He holds his future in this game in his hands on the high level that he can achieve as time goes on. Written by his coach Jimmy Bollettieri.

Madeleine Stowe

When I first met Pascal Raffy, I was struck by his passionate and active mind. He has many unusual attributes: the fire to create unique timepieces that cannot be defined by time itself. In fact, Pascal doesn’t allow himself to be defined by the moment, but by his relentless passion to understand the timeless.

This passion extends to his generosity toward the world outside of Bovet and yet he weaves all things together. Pascal has been an advocate for the marginalized poor in Haiti. From the moment he step foot on Haitian soil, his level of compassion and understanding compelled him to commit, with his formidable intelligence and mettle, to helping the education of that country’s youth through Artists for Peace and Justice.

He and the Bovet team are remarkable in that everything they do is done with love and a view toward pursuing excellence– whether it’s in crafting timepieces of great beauty or helping others with all their hearts. I’m deeply proud of being a friend of Pascal and his remarkable team. They’re one of a kind.

Vicente del Bosque

I have a strong friendship and feel deep affection for Pascal Raffy since we have met several years ago. I am very loyal and have a big gratitude to Bovet.

Paul Haggis

His compassion, determination and commitment to help the children of some of the poorest communities in the world, long after most others have forgotten them, speaks volumes about what kind of man Pascal is, and how proud we are of our friendship with him and our partnership with Bovet.