David Ferrer

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David Ferrer

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David Ferrer

BOVET 1822 is highly grateful to David Ferrer for representing the values and the name of BOVET up to the highest sport level. The BOVET Tourbillon Ottanta watch that David Ferrer wears is therefore by no means a random choice of his, since this timepiece is reliable, accurate, highly technical and shows in the meantime a sportive and exclusive look.

As in Haute Horlogerie, the elite players in sports can leave nothing to chance. Strong work ethic, perseverance and the constant strive for excellence are values that BOVET and David Ferrer share. Number 7 at the ATP ranking, the Spanish has achieved 26 ATP World Tour titles, 49 Top 10 match wins and a career-high No. 3 in the Emirates ATP Rankings.


Shared Values

David Ferrer embodies the values cherished by BOVET. The precision of each movement is rigorously calculated like the precise time displayed on a dial or the concentration of a watchmaker at their workshop. There is no room for compromise when it comes to achieving results as with the perfection required for crafting and finishing each component of  a timepiece. For quality, where experience and technique are essential, comes an alliance which aims at the same goal: the quest for excellence…