Artists for Peace And Justice
with Hollywood Domino

For the second consecutive year, BOVET 1822 joined forces with the foundation of filmmaker Paul Haggis to organise the 6th BOVET 1822 & Artists for Peace and Justice Evening, held on 21 February this year at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles.

Pascal Raffy, the owner of BOVET 1822 and DIMIER 1738, joined Paul Haggis, Gerard Butler, Madeleine Stowe and Daya Fernandez in welcoming personalities from the world of film, television and music.

The three hundred guests in attendance played “Hollywood Domino” to raise funds for the Artists for Peace and Justice foundation, which finances and coordinates a far-reaching programme of education, health and dignity on behalf of the children of Haiti. The salons of the Sunset Tower Hotel also provided an opportunity to exhibit the latest collections of BOVET 1822, as well as a selection of its historic timepieces from the private collections of Pascal Raffy and BOVET. The prestigious creations of the Swiss watchmaker accompanied an exhibition of photographs illustrating the work of Artists for Peace and Justice.

The evening was brought to life by the music of Jackson Browne, who composed the title song of the film Taxi Driver, and it was in a relaxed mood in a themed setting of film noir (stylistic exercise specific to 1940s and 50s films) that the stars rubbed shoulders, including: Adrien Brody, Josh Hartnett, Kristin Davis, Jesse Williams, Moby, Heather Graham, Ali Larter or Russell Simmons.

Mr. Raffy & Kristin Davis_Original_2009

Despite the evening’s light-hearted nature, all guests were focused on the cause supported by the event. Pascal Raffy and BOVET 1822, whose charity work has always concentrated on children, were welcomed and applauded both for their generosity and for their genuine motivation in attending such an event. The Gala benefiting Artists For Peace And Justice held one of its most successful fundraisers, raising $ 600’000.-.

Agendas at the ready for the 7th edition in 2014!