10th anniversary of DIMIER 1738 Manufacture

BOVET celebrates the 10th anniversary of its DIMIER 1738 Manufacture by offering collectors a five-year warranty

When Pascal Raffy acquired the DIMIER 1738 Manufacture in June 2006, it was already involved in watchmaking. The new owner devoted six months and channeled all his energy into transforming, organizing and structuring what would very soon become one of the most important centers for artisanal fine watchmaking. These sustained efforts were also shared by the craftsmen, all of whom strive for excellence.

The transformation was so successful that, less than a year later, Pascal Raffy and all of the craftsmen welcomed the world’s press to the Manufacture to unveil Recital 1, the first timepiece in the iconic DIMIER collection. This highly symbolic step enabled Pascal Raffy to give the Manufacture’s craftsmen the first timepiece of a collection he decided to dedicate to them. Characterized by cases with four lugs and a crown placed traditionally at 3 o’clock, the DIMIER collection showcases the technical skill and virtuosity of the Manufacture’s watchmakers.

But above all else, in purchasing the Manufacture, Pascal Raffy gave BOVET 1822 absolute control over its developments and the opportunity to generalize a level of quality that no other producer could guarantee. Above and beyond any strategic or economic considerations, this independence is the freedom underpinning the supreme excellence of BOVET timepieces. To ensure exemplary quality and reliability, the number of movements and timepieces that would be manufactured has been limited straightway. At the same time, a modern, ever-present and uncompromising quality control department was established and became a crucial point of this new structure.

The seventy craftsmen who work in the Manufacture’s various workshops represent forty-one different crafts.These figures speak volumes about the Manufacture’s level of specialization. On the back of this unparalleled expertise, the DIMIER 1738 Manufacture has developed and manufactured fifty-nine different calibers! The constant search for perfection and spirit of innovation that drive the Manufacture’s craftsmen regularly lead them to file new patents.
As a result, more than fifteen inventions have been registered over the past ten years!

With the exception of the jewels and barrel springs, all of the components of every movement are produced entirely in the Manufacture. In order to achieve the timekeeping properties, aesthetic qualities and reliability that are typical of movements manufactured by DIMIER 1738, all the skills and techniques required by artisanal fine watchmaking have been called on.

Thus machining, milling, electroerosion, stamping, pinions and wheels cutting and burnishing are all combined to ensure the optimal production of each component.
A true demonstration of BOVET 1822’s preeminence in the decorative watchmaking arts and personalization, the decoration workshop employs eleven specialist craftsmen. Be they hand-engravers or -chamferers, their talents come together to continually push back the boundaries of perfection.

In addition to their aesthetics and reliability, DIMIER 1738 movements are renowned for their faultless timekeeping. This recognition is well deserved as the DIMIER Manufacture is one of the few institutions capable of producing traditional balance-springs. This coveted talent enables it to avoid any compromises in terms of quality or performance. By mastering the manufacture of components as complex as the escapement or the entire regulating organ, the Manufacture’s technicians are capable of presenting movements that perfectly adhere to a timepiece’s specifications. This is also the key to the absolute mastery of energy efficiency and very long power reserves characteristic of the movements manufactured by DIMIER 1738.

The final addition to this set of skills is, of course, the brilliance of the watchmakers responsible for assembling, finishing and adjusting the calibers, which often incorporate numerous complications. The technical team alone is made up of ten people, including several watchmakers. The size of this department means it can react very quickly during new developments. The technical team also includes dial- and case-makers, in addition to those who build the movements. These craftsmen work together from the very beginning of every new project. Each timepiece is therefore considered as a whole from the outset and not merely as an assembled movement, dial and case.

The work accomplished over these ten years of existence has enabled the Manufacture to develop fifty-nine new movement references. But whether they indicate the hours, minutes and seconds, or feature numerous complications such as a tourbillon, retrograde perpetual calendar or multiple time zones (to name just a few), each movement is given the same level of attention and standard of finishing. Over the same period of time, the quota of BOVET 1822 models equipped with DIMIER 1738 movements has gone from 30 to 80%. This figure should rise even more in the next few years to reach (a figure close to) 100% by 2022.

The Manufacture’s excellence is such that several prestigious watchmaking houses call upon it to supply them with both specific components and complete movements. This excellence and expertise have since extended beyond the confines of watchmaking to serve clients in the medical, electronic and aeronautical industries.

The progress that has been made over these ten years of existence has enabled the Manufacture to attain such a high standard of quality and reliability that BOVET is now offering a five-year warranty on every timepiece powered by a DIMIER 1738 Manufacture movement. Reliability, timekeeping, and mastery of the decorative watchmaking arts are the cornerstones of fine artisanal watchmaking, and every house worthy of them has a duty to present them to its collectors. By offering a five-year warranty, Pascal Raffy together with the DIMIER 1738 and BOVET 1822 craftsmen are sharing the true fruits of these ten passionate years with collectors. It is in this mutual trust that time finds its noblest expression, the one that has driven the passion of the DIMIER 1738 Manufacture craftsmen for ten years with the promise of a very bright future.